The concept

Here I sell the concept of the region: Santa Catarina, Brazil, first and then the land. It’s not about specific land lot, but about concept of Life Hedge Property, which we create in Santa Catarina together.

I am from Europe and I found liberty by moving outside of my country as well. I saw few years ago what was coming, I knew the “plan”) and I did my research and analysis of the world (considering factors from geopolitics to climate “change”) and traveled extensively. I found my paradise in this very special region of South America.

There are few such “life hedge regions” in the world, protected, with own spring water, abundant energy (hydro, solar, biomass), fertile land to grow food etc. A lot of people sharing the same ideas are here and more coming. Most of us have the only one word about Europe/America/Most of the world… – fucked!

The country is not important, they can all be destroyed and it seems that this is a plan. However, I am talking about a region which has it all to be livable, a real “life hedge”. And no, it is not Doug Casey’s place in Argentina (I visited and it is beautiful but I found a better place). Unfortunately, there is a limit how much land foreigners can buy.

We are looking for like minded people to join and if you are interested, please contact us.

P.S. For visitors of this site I have always a spare room! I want to help to everybody who is thinking about strategic relocation and has some resources. Just check this place out. Regardless of EM (including Brazil) turmoils.